About Us

DAPM symbolD-Agile Project Management Solutions LLC (DAPM Solutions) is a project-driven firm specialized in offering low-cost IT and customized marketing solutions to non-profit organizations and social enterprises.

D-Agile Project Management Solutions was born out of the need to support small minority businesses, especially 501 (c) non-profit organizations, with their marketing efforts. In addition, these solutions include Health Information Technology (IT) for physician-owned businesses, helping with their web presence, the usage and effective administration of Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Our goal as a B2B firm is to ensure that we provide the needed support for these organizations, to enable them serve their communities better.

We are a lean and agile team, so we are able to identify and implement specific strategies necessary to achieve success on a project efficiently and effectively. We understand the challenges often faced by non-profits / social enterprises in effectively addressing a backlog of work/projects that need to be completed; through our approach, we help prioritize projects, and improve efficiency and effectiveness in achieving these goals. We utilize the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) principles in executing our processes.  We interact with all stakeholders and identify priorities as well as strategies to ensure project deliverables are met on time.

Our team comprises of certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) by the Project Management Institute and IT professionals with years of experience. Through our consortium of affiliates, we have a pool of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with a deep understanding of industry specific needs.

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