D-Agile PM Solutions


To provide resources and streamline marketing strategies by utilizing the power of networking, guidance, and novel technological platforms for achieving successful outcomes.



Offering social project management solutions for social enterprises and non-profits. We utilize the four essential elements needed to succeed on projects: Task, Time, Team & Technique! In a few years, DAPM Solutions would be the leading provider of project management based solutions for marketing nonprofits/ social enterprises’ services to their target markets.

We are a project-driven firm specialized in offering IT and marketing solutions to non-profit organizations as well as social enterprises. We are an agile team, meaning we are able to identify specific strategies needed to achieve success on a project without following a rigid process.  We understand that each project requires a unique approach, therefore each project requires a specific strategy for success. We assume that non-profits/social enterprises have a backlog of stuff they need to do; through our approach, we help them prioritize, be more efficient and effective in achieving their goals.


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